Teamwork BoosterKit for Office 365

The Teamwork BoosterKit for Office 365 enables requests and ordering and automated creation of predefined Microsoft Teamsand SharePoint Online Sites. You as a company define the rules and requirements (governance) in a central location and the users can order the defined virtual workspaces independently.

If you were previously satisfied with Microsoft’s collaboration tools, you’ll now learn to love them – it’s never been easier to manage. This applies not only to the user, but especially in the IT-industry! See for yourself.

When do I need the Teamwork BoosterKit?

Are you just about to introduce Microsoft Teams or have you already implemented it?

At each stage, there are various challenges to which no solutions are delivered yet. The Teamwork BoosterKit intervenes here and offers important functionalities for Cloud Collaboration Dashboards, Requests, Provisioning, Templates, Approval, Notifications and Life Cycle Management.

Common challenges

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‘When to use what?’ – The available choices of the Microsoft Cloud platform are often overwhelming for business users. Lack of standardization, both functional, technical and visual, also makes it difficult to use it in a catchy way.

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High IT workload

Requests for new teamwork spaces or their adaptation often require interaction with the IT department. Often there are unwanted duplicates that trigger useless code snippets through ‘user-trials’, which have to be cleaned manually.

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Which team was again for which project? And can you continue to use the same team for a similar topic? Why do I see a team that has been inactive for a year and where can I find the information about the new internal policy again?

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Who is eligible for which action? What can internal and external users access? Often, the management of Microsoft Teams is neglected or responsibilities are not resolved, leading to loss of control over security settings within the organization.

Get to love the Teamwork BoosterKit!

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User Self Service

  • No need to contact the IT-department
  • Create pages, groups, and teams
  • Configurable according to your needs

Easy to use

  • Central office for request
  • Simples Interface
  • Office 365 App Launcher
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Service Definitions

  • Adapt offered services to internal specifications
  • Can be grouped by area and requirements
  • Clear and intutitive
  • User Self Service
  • Template Manual Steps
  • No PowerShell required


  • Notifications
  • Job Queue
  • Provisioning Trends
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  • Simple overview of all information for Approval/Rejection
  • Column and Web Part Settings
  • Klssifications Configure
  • Public and Private Channel
  • Guests’ access can be limited

Relevant Templates for Teams

  • Team Settings
  • Define default Channel
  • Tabs and apps in Channels

Secure Teams

  • Define privacy level
  • Set owners and users
  • Control guest access
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  • Central information at a glance
  • Owner identification
  • Stay in control over visibility
  • Synchronization of the entire meta data
  • Navigation Web Part
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LifeCycle Management

  • Visual Timeline
    • Creation period
    • History of Change
    • Actions and expiration date
  • Audit Actions
  • Lease period
  • Expiration Actions
    • Notification
    • Archiving
    • Solution
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Global Navigation

  • Always-available navigation across all virtual rooms
  • Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Sites
  • Search and filter options
  • Pin of navigation

Teamwork BoosterKit Feature Overview

Yes, I want to know more about the Teamwork BoosterKit

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