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Make New Out of Old – SharePoint

Swisslos Intra- und Extranet-Portal

Since 2011, Swisslos has been a satisfied and loyal customer of innobit AG. Since then, the experts at innobit AG have been providing Swisslos’ IT with their knowledge and services in the SharePoint environment.

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Initial Situation

Desired migration to the latest version of SharePoint. Existing features should be renewed and revised.

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SharePoint and Nintex Workflow

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Number of Workstations: 200 clients

Project Length: 2 months

Training to IT: 4 days

Backend Infrastructure: 11 servers

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Swisslos, an interregional Lottery – founded in 1937 – is a cooperative and has 208 employees. Swisslos pays more than 600 million Swiss Francs per year to successful lottery winners, but also 354 million Swiss Francs to the cantonal lottery and sports funds (Swisslos Funds). Swisslos’s profit is fully beneficial to the community. Already 5 million Swiss Francs have so far been invested in projects in the areas of culture, sport, environment and social issues. Swisslos is thus the most important cultural and sporting organization in Switzerland.