SharePoint Health Check – Optimize your SharePoint environment for ongoing operations

We examine your environment and show you possibilities for optimization and suggestions for solutions.

A good infrastructure is the foundation of a smoothly running business and to ensure this, more and more companies are using Microsoft SharePoint technologies to process their business data. This advanced technology and platform will not only become more popular, but a solution that is already in use will also become more and more important during its lifecycle with a growing life. That’s why organizations, teams, groups, or departments use SharePoint for their infrastructure.

With a deep analysis of your deployed SharePoint configurations, infrastructure, custom code, and operational processes, possible risks to the stability and reliability of the entire farm can be identified. This helps you ensure that your environment is properly configured and managed, and that it is in line with Microsoft best practices.

During the analysis, we will provide you with experienced experts to thoroughly examine the production systems of your environment with our expertise and special tools. Your own IT staff can also be involved in this process to benefit from the experience of our certified employees. The experience gained can be applied in future troubleshooting and support activities and made available in a report.

… let our references speak for themselves.