What we understand by process digitization

Process digitization means the integration of digital technologies into existing processes and into a consistent IT structure.

Why is process digitization so important right now?

New digital technologies are increasingly influencing our daily work. The dependence on business processes for IT systems is becoming more and more important. In order to meet the increasing competitive and cost pressures, stable business processes are important, which guarantee an efficient value chain.

However, there is often no central is the management, coordination and monitoring of processes. Knowledge of a process and its added value is limited to individual employees. This leads to unclear responsibilities, a lot of overhead due to the communication effort and a lack of central data management.

What are the benefits of digitizing processes?

By digitizing processes, you can continue to face increasing competitive pressure, shorter product times, cost pressure and the high demands of customers in the future. You have all your processes in view and can intervene quickly to improve inefficient processes.

How do you pave the way to process digitization?

Process visualization

BPM tools help you visualize and document your processes so that they are understandable to everyone. Documentation allows you to identify the potential for standardization and increase the transparency of the processes. We support you in making the right tool for your needs (Cloud vs. On Premises; Authorization system, … ) to find.

Process analysis

Together, we analyze their business processes and identify risks and optimization opportunities. Such optimizations can be to automate individual tasks or to connect different IT systems/applications via interfaces in order to avoid system breaks and save time. The aim is not to replace employees, but rather to facilitate their work.

Process automation

Based on analysis, we implement your business processes as workflows and show you how to monitor your workflows and evaluate the KPIs.

Process Optimization

KPIs help you learn how to continue to optimize your business processes. In this way, you can continue to increase customer satisfaction in the future. In visually prepared live dashboards, you can use the most important KPIs such as lead time, costs, and much more. Monitor.

Which tools help you to visualize and automate your processes and workflows?

There are many different business process management tools. innobit offers comprehensive consulting and implementation for the following products:

Nintex Workflows

Nintex is a simple point-and-click workflow that connects everyone, departments, and systems inside and outside your organization.


The FireStart BPM Suite combines professional process planning, intelligent workflow automation and in-depth process analysis in a unique overall solution.

How we support you in the field of process digitization

Here we stand by your side conceptually and work out your individual solution with the subsequent implementation.

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