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CoreView is the most powerful and easy to use SaaS management platform that helps organizations avoid security risks, cut operating costs, and increase efficiency. CoreView comprehensively discovers, analyzes, manages, and increases productivity of Microsoft Office 365 and other SaaS applications, with a single pane interface that provides total visibility and granular management to maximize your ROI.

Various features of the platform combine to a unique tool that can be utilized in various aspects of your business, providing reliable data upon which you are enabled to optimize your digital workplace, increase productivity, and boost O365 and SaaS efficiency.

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Features & Functions


CoreAdmin helps Microsoft Office 365 management by offering role-based access control (RBAC) to restrict admin access which boosts security and improves admin efficiency, built-in reports that use metadata to drill deeper into issues, and workflow templates that make processes automatic, repeatable, consistent and error-free.

With the ability to create custom admin access, license pools and reports, it’s easier than ever to calculate chargebacks, fine-tune audits and manage licenses.

  • Segment tenant into multiple sub-tenants or virtual tenants
  • Securely delegate admin rights (RBAC)
  • Calculate costs by license pool, and access 200+ customizable reports


CoreSecurity provides in-depth audits of user activity from different services like Exchange, Teams, Dynamics, OneDrive, SharePoint and Azure AD. With real-time security alerts and detailed compliance monitoring, companies can stay ahead of data breaches and prevent non-compliant file sharing.

  • Set up custom security alerts
  • Review security breach attempts by region
  • Review activity logs from the past year or more to track down breach origins


CoreAdoption’s usage insights and adoption campaigns help to ensure that all employees keep pace as the business and core productivity tools change. With easy-to-filter usage and application workload data, and robust email features, companies can target Office 365 application adoption campaigns toward specific products or groups of user.

  • Carefully monitor license usage across custom groups
  • Send email prompts to non-adopters with directions on how and why to use neglected but critical Office 365 applications
  • Leverage learning videos within Office 365 services, so training is in context and sticks


CoreLearning provides a library of 2,100+ training videos on all things Office 365 — Excel, SharePoint, Yammer, Teams and more. With on-demand, in-context training videos, teams learn to use Office 365’s full suite of services and pro-grade capabilities without flooding the help desk.

  • 2’100+ on-demand training videos
  • Track viewing history to identify key obstacles as well as adoption progress
  • Access videos through single sign-on and add company-specific content to the library


With CoreScan, it’s easy to configure repeatable data scans and give ratings to different types of information so companies can prioritize data risks. By scanning for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in documents and automating removal requests, companies can improve security and avoid GDPR and other regulatory fines.

  • Respond faster to GDPR subject access requests
  • Use AI to find sensitive keywords and PII
  • Automate the management of right to be forgotten/removed requests


CoreTag prevents employees from wasting the day rifling through SharePoint by auto-applying metadata and taxonomies for Google-like search results.

  • Deliver a Google-like search experience
  • Increase SharePoint adoption
  • Auto-tag documents with AI based on natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning

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