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Step ahead with microsoft teams

How to create the prerequisite for an effective culture of cooperation

– 5 December 2019 –

What is Microsoft Teams?

As a collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams is one of Microsoft’s fastest growing tools. A key feature is simplifying teamwork in everyday life as well as in projects by integrating applications such as OneNote, Planner, Forms, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Files in teams are automatically stored on SharePoint, so information and conversations are always centrally accessible.

Do you recognize these scenarios?

Microsoft Teams is introduced and…

  • uncontrolled ‘wild growth’ of teams and channels.
  • Employees quickly feel overwhelmed: where can you find what information?
  • Confusion arises.
  • after a short hype, the usage decreases again.
  • Employees quickly fall back into their old work patterns (e.g. emails, local storage of documents, etc.).
  • old or non-relevant teams have a zombie existence in the directories.
  • the IT department loses track.
  • Users are extremely dissatisfied with problems because IT is slow to fix them.
  • the tool generally has low acceptance due to poor user experience.

How do you ensure a positive user experience with Microsoft Teams?

Conntected with Team_innobit

The top themes in the event

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Functionalities of Microsoft Team

Our guests learned the essential configuration options to make Microsoft teams an integral part of their digital workplace. Together, we worked out the most important functions that a company should use, especially those that are less well known but nonetheless useful.

In addition, we brought the news about Microsoft Teams from our visit to Microsoft Ignite in Orlando to Basel.

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Adoption & Change

A topic that must be an integral part of any digital workplace strategy. Our participants learned about the most common stumbling blocks and most important success factors during the introduction of Microsoft teams. They were also given practical tips on how to design their own adoption strategy and an overview of available adoption resources from Microsoft.


IT governance for Microsoft Teams

What is the right dose of management? How much do I have to manage to be able to handle data correctly, and when does it become too much? We got to the bottom of these questions to be able to set permissions and optimize the handling of data. The participants were also asked: What experience have they already gained in the field of IT governance? What went well and what do they want to improve?


In this context, we presented best-practice examples of companies that use Microsoft teams particularly efficiently: What makes these companies special and what lessons can be learned from these cases?

Our speakers

As Digital Innovation Lead at innobit, Patrick Spieler is intensively involved with the use of the latest Microsoft Cloud technologies in customer projects. A major focus of his engagements lies in the area of collaboration and the possibilities of Microsoft teams.

Patrick describes important experience in his Microsoft Teams blog series.

Judith Schütz has more than 25 years of experience in project and change management, especially in the interface between IT and organization. Focus: Further development and change of communication and working methods as well as design, piloting and rollout of use cases based on Office 365.

Managing Partner of OSN Open System Network AG ( Certified PROSCI Practitioner and Certified Service Adoption Specialist.

julia kaehl_innobit

Julia Kähl brings innobit’s customers from finance, insurance and industry closer to digital innovations. As a project manager directly involved in the implementation, she forms the competent interface between management and technology.

Among other things, she focuses on Microsoft Teams to give customers an effective tool for a vibrant corporate culture.

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