Nintex is the leader in Sharepoint workflows and and forms

Nintex products can also be used with cloud solutions (e.g. Office 365). The potential for automation of business processes with SharePoint workflows or the expansion of Nintex is often underestimated.

We can expand your possibilities and, among other things, can develop a user-friendly solution for more efficient processes on an pre-existing intranet. We would be pleased to demonstrate the customer solutions we have already developed for time management, employee lifecycle processes, pending administrative tasks or the approval of orders.

Our Nintex services:

  • Process documentation & workflow consulting
  • Technical consulting for Nintex based systems
  • Conception of Microsoft & Nintex architectures (on premise / cloud)
  • Assessment of Microsoft & Nintex environments (stabilization, corrections, …)
  • Infrastructure (Nintex on Premise / Cloud)
  • Implementation of workflows
  • Software Development (Custom Nintex Actions or Connectors)
  • Introductions and Trainings (Power Users, End Users, IT Pro, Developers)
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Full service offer for Nintex solutions (licenses, introduction, support)

Our Nintex product focus:

  • Nintex Workflow
  • Nintex Forms
  • Nintex Workflow Online
  • Nintex Forms Online

… let our references speak for themselves.