Microsoft Teams – the HUB for teamwork

Microsoft Teams is 2 years old - what does this cloud service offer you?

Microsoft Teams is the latest Collaboration Tool from Microsoft– a central space for virtual teamwork in Office 365. The team platform simplifies collaboration within an organization, but external parties such as suppliers or customers can also be involved. A central Microsoft Teams app provides easy access to the information at any time via the browser, the mobile app (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) or the desktop app.

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Digital Teamwork

Teams will change your organization’s digital collaboration.One of the key reasons for deploying teams in an organization is to provide an easily accessible, centralized workspace where team members can leverage the elements that are central to teamwork.

For example, content (information, documents, media files) can be easily shared and meetings can be held as an online meeting (including video, voice, chat and white-board). The tools required for the individual team (working group, organizational unit, etc.) can be configured individually.

Benefits with Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Teams, you can elegantly reduce the daily floodof emails.

Take finally advantage of the ability to connect and integrate with other Microsoft Office tools. Easily include Word, Excel, Notes, or other tools and Web pages in your application.

The far-reaching solution ensures individualadjustments of the team workspaces and channels to your specific wishes and needs. Facilitate your collaboration now, saving valuable time and money.

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A robustly prepared and implemented deployment, roll-out, and governance plan ensures that your business can maximize the benefits of Microsoft teams. Users then know the possibilities and can realize and benefit from the potential. The necessary structuring in the creation process, the management and archiving of work spaces is available and the processes are established and standardized.

To make your business a step more advanced and productive with Microsoft Teams, we offer the following services around the Microsoft Teams:

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  • Governance for MS Teams (and Office 365 Groups)
  • What to use when?

Furthermore, we offer you commercial partner products and extensions around MS Teams:

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Are you interested in Microsoft Teams,but need certainty as to how you can manage it successfully and according to your own requirements and important regulations? We offer you suitable advice and are happy to pass on our field-proven knowledge.

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