Microsoft Sharepoint Beratung Schweiz

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint offers a brilliant platform for effective communication, exchange of information and easy collaboration on documents and media files. The majority of modern intranets and extranets (for the collaboration and information exchange with partners and suppliers) worldwide are based on SharePoint. Numerous extensions and ready-made solutions are available. The platform has rapidly evolved  through the past years, significantly enhancing its user-friendliness.

How does SharePoint work?

Numerous enhancements include the provision of freely configurable team rooms, simultaneous editing of documents, interactive visualisation of information from various systems, the company-wide ensurance of data retention periods and much more. This information can be securely accessed from your laptop, smartphone or computer.

SharePoint exists both as a locally installable software and as an online service, provided centrally and continuously extended by Microsoft. SharePoint online is also a part of Office 365.

Why is SharePoint so widespread?

SharePoint integrates seemlessly into the Office World and the widespread Microsoft platform. The user benefits from this by being able to, for instance, directly work on documents on familiar filesystems, and synchronize them transparently in the background with SharePoint. On the market since 2003, the platform has developed from a rather complex use to a user-friendly defacto standard in the areas of collaboration and intranet.

What does innobit offer you?

Kompetenz & Erfahrung

Innobit has been offering services and project services based on SharePoint since 2007. About 20 employees in various roles contribute to the extensive competence: while our SharePoint project leaders and consultants support you throughout the entire project, from conception, procedure, configuration and execution, our SharePoint Software Engineers and Sytem Engineers cover all technical requirements.

We also happily take over the operation of your environment (Service Desk 1st, 2nd and 3rd level, SLA, further proactive and reactive services).

Our SharePoint offers

Intranet & Collaboration


We realize the most diverse intranet projects for you. No matter if SME or large corporation. Please have a look at a small excerpt from our references. 


Processes & Workflows

Do you want to design, digitize and automate your processes more efficiently? We show you how this is implemented efficiently. Read more about process digitization.

Quality Management Solutions

Here, too, we have set our strengths. Whether it is a classic “Out-of-the-Box” solution or a complex and integrated SharePoint migrations to a new version. The Swisslos reference gives you further insights.

Business applications

SharePoint quickly becomes the central hub for important data and documents within your company as well as in interaction with companies and customers close to the company. To make business processes and workflows efficient, they must be easy to integrate and exchange – digital application innovation.

Process optimization

When implementing projects with SharePoint, the question “Build or Buy” always arises. Product manufacturers provide solutions for a wide range of topics. We advise you independently and competently when it comes to clarifying the different options and possibilities. In the area of SharePoint we prefer the following solutions and frameworks:

  • Intranet: Wizdom Intranet, Powell 365 
  • Migration: AvePoint, Metalogix, Share-Gate 
  • Governance & Self Service: AvePoint 
  • Learning Management System: LMS365 
  • Office Template & Content Management: officeatwork 

Standardized Components & Services

innobit has a small number of specially developed components, which are the result of the experience of more than 100 SharePoint projects, offering clear added value to the existing functionality of SharePoint.

How we support you with SharePoint

With Microsoft Sharepoint we support you conceptually and develop your individual solution with the subsequent implementation.

Benefit from our many years of experience and get started now.

Automate – Simplify – Save time!

Want to find out more about Microsoft SharePoint?

Directly contact Patrick Spieler.

… and let our references convince you.