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Microsoft Azure

What is Azure?

Microsoft Azure verfügt über mehr als 100 Dienste mit hervorragenden End-to-End-Tools und ist eine der umfangreichsten Sammlungen integrierter Clouddienste von Microsoft, mit denen wir als IT- und Software-Experten von innobit smarte Anwendungen für Ihr Unternehmen erstellen und damit Ihren Erfolg unterstützen.

Azure services, in which we specialized:

Cloud Identity Integration

We integrate your users into the Microsoft Cloud, enabling you to use additional services. We accompany you from the design and implementation to the productive operation. In doing so, we attach great importance to the joint development of the right solution variant that best suits your company.

Infrastructure as a Service

Extend your on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. In particular, strategy and planning are essential for a successful future. We support you not only technically, but we also show you which solution makes sense in terms of ROI. We have a wealth of experience in implementing Computing on Azure, Networking on Azure, Azure Storage, Azure Backup, Site Recovery and Automated Deployment.

Sharepoint Automation

For our latest SharePoint online solutions we use services from Azure to publish information on the intranet site, for example. It’s according to the principle why reinvent the wheel when there is already a ready-made solution.

Next-Generation Client

Here, too, we use Microsoft Intune for a pure Azure service. The initial installation and management of Windows clients and mobile devices is fully automated, as needed. The user decides when to reinstall their device. No additional server infrastructure or software distribution tools are required.

innobit & Azure - Competence in consulting and implementation

How does it work with identities in the cloud?

Cloud users have become a self-evident for us, we know how identities are managed securely and automatically in the cloud.

Our approach of only synchronizing the data that is really needed has proven success.

How can I protect my identities in the cloud?

Multi-factor authentication is one of the tools to help protect your user login easily and cost-effectively. Here we rely on the latest technologies from Microsoft. These services can be put into operation seamlessly and without great effort. The login of the users can be secured, e.g. by SMS or app.

How do I make my infrastructure fit for the future?

From our experience, the future will be hybrid for the foreseeable time. This means that you should check whether it makes sense for you to consume parts of the existing infrastructure from the cloud. Here, we help you to develop scenarios that are financially and administratively favourable for you.

We can draw on a wealth of experience from various projects.

How can I manage my data with Azure?

Especially regarding the upcoming requirements of GDPR, it is important to manage the company data accurately.

The focus here is on topics such as external collaboration, data protection and data security.

Internal collaboration is one of our core competencies – with our solutions, you have control over your data.

Process digitization further helps you to understand how your data processing works, which data is processed in your company as well as how and where compliance-relevant data may be found.

What is your future backup strategy with Azure?

With cloud services, you can expand your backup concept from data backup to DR site, even georedundantly, if desired.

Consulting and conception are essential to save effort and costs.

How can I manage my portable devices with Azure?

We can also solve this with a cloud service, regardless of the platform to be protected.

Respond flexibly to the changing needs of your customers.

All services mentioned so far only require that your identity is available in the cloud.

No additional data is needed in the cloud.

How we help you with Azure

Here, we conceptually support you with tailored workshops and the subsequent implementation, and develop your individual solution based on Microsoft Azure.

Benefit from our many years of experience and get started now.

Automate – Simplify – Save time!

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