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Knowledge Glühwein – 4 December 2018

Exciting insights into Microsoft’s Swiss Data Centers

In 2019, Microsoft Datacenters will be in Switzerland with Azure, Office365, and later Dynamics365 Services.

The Microsoft Switzerland Cloud Lead responsible for this, Primo Amrein, gave experts from various industrial sectors (under NDA) expert insights into what they can expect as decision makers.

In addition to general information, they also learned specifically how the set-up and individual services are structured. This issue is particularly relevant for regulated areas such as healthcare, banking, insurance and public administration, as these innovations offer a wide range of opportunities. Afterwards, participants were given the opportunity to ask our expert questions.

In a family atmosphere with mulled wine, they learned highly relevant information and were able to enjoy the subsequent discussions in a relaxed manner.

This was part of the event:

  • First-class expertise on the new Swiss data centers
  • Free information on the latest innovations
  • Discussions in a personal & relaxed setting
  • Possibility to network with all participants
  • Glühwein & Apéro included

We were pleased to welcome all participants to this event!

About the expert

Amrein Primo - innobit

Primo Amrein is Cloud Lead at Microsoft Switzerland and is therefore responsible for the expansion of the Services Roadmap and the marketing of the two Swiss data centers. With Microsoft Switzerland’s announcement that it will launch local data centers in 2019, he takes on an overarching coordination role to offer Swiss companies a platform for digital transformation with local data storage. Primo Amrein has been with Microsoft Switzerland for 12 years and worked as a Services Executive in Sales, as an Online Business Group Lead in Marketing and as a Delivery People Manager in the Service Sector. Primo Amrein studied at the University of St.Gallen and holds a Technology Management as well as an international CEMS degree.