FiRST AiD. Maximized Healthcare Efficiency. Secured and Compliant.

According to a study by PWC, the healthcare margin in Switzerland is on average maximum two percent. Companies like yours are under great cost pressure and are looking for ways to increase efficiency.

IT departments only vaguely know about the possibilities that a platform like FiRST AiD can provide.

The Top 6 Healthcare Challenges

  • Increasing expectations of the hospital by patients
  • Decreasing costs cause need for higher cases
  • Investment requirements for companies
  • Lack of personell in the industry
  • Move to a digital hospital workspace
  • New hospital operators and coops

The healthcare world is changing

With FiRST AiD, you and your employees are able to exchange confidential data in a secure manner, both internally and with external companies and stakeholders in the healthcare industry. In this way, cooperations with hospital operators, administrative boards and personnel managers is lifted to the highest possible level of confidentiality.

The exchange of relevant information with insurers and health insurance companies leads to the faster release of payments and thus to an increase in cash flow.

You can increase the number of cases by optimizing the cooperation between internal doctors, assigning physicians, external hospitals and clinics, pharmacists, as well as other participants.

It is only with the introduction of FiRST AiD that this is all legal and safe.

FiRST AiD is a tailor-made solution for the healthcare industry, which will prepare you for future challenges both now and in the future. FiRST AiD helps you to work efficiently and effectively with others without losing the connection to quickly changing external and internal conditions. Both the platform and the investment fit optimally to the requirements of the healthcare system.

Components of your success

With FiRST AiD, we guarantee you a secure exchange with external partners, such as referrers, pharmacists or other hospitals. Information and communications channels are with our solution always on a current technological level and secured against third parties. Ensure that your platform is available to the highest industry standards, integrity and confidential. Use FiRST AiD to enforce rules, policies, laws, and instructions for your corporate values ​​and remain consistent. Create opportunities for the enterprise, automate processes and reduce costs, allowing your employees to focus on important non-automation activities. We also guarantee that employees’ satisfaction with these funds and the proven innobit approach to the introduction of FiRST AiD can be significantly increased.

The FiRST AiD application spectrum

  • With FiRST AiD, you can only retrieve information within defined geographic zones.
  • With FiRST AiD, you only process data that is allowed to be on the platform.
  • FiRST AiD automates business processes.
  • With FiRST AiD, you can also retrieve content from your on-premise environment on mobile devices.
  • With FiRST AiD, you save your data securely.
  • and much more …

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