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FireStart BPM Suite

The FireStart BPM Suite combines process planning, workflow automation and process analysis in a platform-independent solution

The process modeling is simple and intuitive with FireStart. Multi-user capability, authorization management, version control and interchangeable modeling simplify the efficient process design together with the respective specialist users.
Technical process models can be quickly transferred into executable workflows and interlinked with existing IT systems.
Users are guided through the process through on hand from defined tasks. This simplifies the interaction with the IT systems and increases the data quality.
The processes are monitored in real time with individual dashboards. To analyze the process costs and throughput times, separate views are available.

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Our FireStart services:

  • Process Documentation & Workflow Consulting (BPMN Documentation)
  • Technical Consulting for FireStart Based Systems
  • Conception of Microsoft & FireStart architectures (on Premise / Cloud)
  • Assessment of Microsoft & FireStart environments (stabilization, corrections, …)
  • Infrastructure construction
  • Implement process models, workflows, and interfaces
  • Introductions and trainings (Power Users, End Users, IT Pro, Developers)
  • Maintenance and support
  • Full Service Offer for FireStart Solutions (Licenses, Introduction, Support)