LMS365 – The Smart eLearning Solution

Why is eLearning relevant for companies?

We all know the situation: As soon as employees are to be trained for new topics, a high administrative process starts. The information material is created, training rooms are reserved internally or externally and the invitations are sent to the affected participants. If you’re lucky, all employees will be available on one of the suggested training dates. One thing is clear: the time and resources involved are enormous.

With an eLearning Management System, training courses can be conveniently organized and carried out centrally. This saves costs and increases efficiencies for all stakeholders. innobit relies on the solution of LMS365 in the field of eLearning, which is integrated directly into SharePoint.

Benefits of Corporate eLearning at a Glance


Better training, more knowledge of products and services, and the ability to acquire knowledge to support employees make things more efficient, ultimately benefiting business and outcomes. Well-informed employees who actively contribute to business success longer remain loyal to the company. The increased productivity is not only reflected in employees who take part in training courses, but also in administration.

Instant delivery of content

LMS365 centralizes training and data storage. It combines all learning materials in one consolidated system, so an employer does not have to search in many different systems and files. In addition, the training facility is not trained in many places, but in one system, an eLearning system. With all the content, the training can be carried out quickly and conveniently, so that employees can immediately acquire new knowledge and skills.

Time and location independence

Today, the majority of the companies are geographically distributed. The great advantage of an eLearning system is that you don’t have to travel or go to a location designated by the company. Participants can access the eLearning system anytime, anywhere, whether from home, at another company headquarters or on the go. No matter what time zone you are in, you can access the eLearning system anytime, anywhere. This also saves planning and travel costs.

Standardized quality and automated processes

Due to the stored scripts, videos and exam questions, each participant enjoys the absolutely identical content without the instructors having to reprocess and present the content each time. Courses can also be created automatically and assigned to relevant employees.

… and let our references convince you.

How we help you with LMS365

We are at your side conceptually and to develop your individual solution on the basis of LMS365:

  • Tailor-made, seamless integration with your exisitating SharePoint/Office 365 environment*
  • Ensure technical connectivity and data exchange with dedicated peripheral systems (e.g. human resource systems)
  • Automated integration of your mandatory employee trainings within the framework of “Standard Operating Procedure” (SOP)
  • Integration of digital signatures (e.g. DocuSign) as part of LMS trainings
  • Fast and timely implementation
  • Individual workshops and training on the use of LMS365

Benefit from our many years of experience and get started now.

Automate – Simplify – Save time!

*You don’t have a digital workplace yet? We also assist in the development of a holistic solution.

Pascal Leu, Management Consultant, is there for your individual solution as well as a demo and initial orientation discussions.

Email: pascal.leu@innobit.ch

We look forward to hearing from you!

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