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Business Intelligence: Key Figures To-Go with innobit Dashboard Services

Keep track of your KPIs with interactive dashboards and meaningful reports – in clear design and available on mobile devices (pads, mobiles) at any time!

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure”

W. Edwards Deming

At a time when decisions need to be made faster than ever, it is important to have the right data available at all times, up-to-date and comprehensibly. Modern BI solutions & tools help process the vast amount of data that is produced every day and provide valuable insights into the business.

With PowerBI, Microsoft offers a comprehensive suite of various business analytics tools to provide you with data and KPIs in dashboards easily, quickly, and comprehensibly.

Power BI offers you:

Real-time analysis

Identify changes & trends in real-time to derive important business decisions.

Data sources

You can choose from a variety of data sources (Excel, Salesforce, SAP HANA, IBM, SQL Server, and more).

Interactive reports

A variety of interaction options (filters, highlights, drill-down, Q&A) increase understanding of your data.

Custom visualizations

With custom visualizations, you can flexibly expand your reports and display the most important data in an understandable way.


From anywhere, anytime. You can access your reports via desktop or mobile devices. Thanks to the GPS functionality of your device, the current location can also be used for the appropriate processing of your data – e.g. an employee at the Bern office receives sales figures from the Bern region.


You don’t need to have deep statistical or IT expertise to analyze the data and graphically display the relevant results. The user interface is self-explanatory and easy to use.

power bi - innobit
power bi innobit
power bi - innobit

How we support you with Dashboard Services & Power BI

We help you keep your metrics available easily, quickly and straightforwardly, making your business more profitable.

We are at your side conceptually and develop your individual solution right up to the subsequent implementation.
Benefit from our many years of experience and get started now.

Analyze – Optimize – Save!
We will be happy to show you the possibilities and opportunities in your context in the course of a short workshop.

… and let our references convince you.

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